The Lord of Light

The god of Justice and Law, what's not to like? Oh, and undead slaying. That too.


Worshiped by Regulus the White, aka Reg


The Lord of Light has many names and faces depending on the culture. In the Third and Fourth Eras he was known as Pelor the Shining One. In the ancient times before he was known as Ra, as Sol Invictus, even as the Lady of Light, Isis. Apollo, Helios, Freyr, Lugh, Mithras, Sunna, Utuh and countless others. For every day the cleansing sun has shined on the earth and sea, the Lord of Light has a name. But as his church grew and assimilated other smaller sects and cults, he became known as just The Lord of Light.

His tenants are simple:

  • Justice
  • Honor
  • Law
  • Fealty
  • Cherishing of Life

It’s the last tenant the bears the most elaboration. Long ago in the Third Age the leader of the Lord’s temple, Amon-Re, declared that all life was to be considered sacred. Death should only be mete out when no other option exists. The church itself has fairly strict guidelines on this, though its Inquisitors and some Paladins are allowed to serve as their own judge and executioner when on the roads of the many kingdoms.

Despite any debates about the cherishing of life that may exist, all of the church’s followers agree that The Lord of the Light abhors undeath and must be slain at all costs. There are no exceptions to this.

Benedicam nomini in sole. Iustitia in sole nomen invenisse. Illi enim inimici iustitiae adduco affectus. Percutiet te Dominus, et reducam te in lumen est.

Translation from ancient Pelorian: In the Sun’s name I bless you. In the Sun’s name may justice be found. For those enemies of justice, I bring only pain. May the Lord of Light smite you and bring about your end.

The Lord of Light

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