Baron Kildear

Is he raising undead?


“Baron Kildear has never married, nor has any children we are aware of, although I understand he may have fathered several bastards from prostitutes.” -Sahila, King’s Advisor

“Several generations ago, a wizard named Ercilion gained some reputation and power in Holmgard. He was a good man, but his daughter wasn’t. She married a mean, cruel, rapacious man and bore him several sons. Through a series of manipulations… she ensured her oldest son – our very Baron Kildear – rule at the keep southeast of Rappan Athuk. The keep is named “Iron Rock”, and they have a pretty good mining operation going on there. The Baron has the support of the mining guild, which protects him quite a bit. As far as I know, he was not studied in magic like his grandfather. But, he has money, and wizards can be bought." -Yorve, King’s Advisor

Baron Kildear

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